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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 21, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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former police officer mehserle is back in a bay area court. and it has nothing to do with the shooting of the b.a.r.t. passenger. i'll explain in a live report. pull friday his car seconds before it exploded. the three ordinary men turned heroes who saved his life. doucing students with pepper spray, three officers are kicked off campus. the 11:00 am news starts right now.
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good morning. thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. johanes mehserle is back in court, facing new allegations of abusing a b.a.r.t. rider. >> this time, it's not oscar grant, but a different rider who is claiming he was abused weeks before he shot and killed grant. >> christie smith joins us live. >> reporter: jury selection is under way here in san francisco. and those jurors are being questioned by the judge this morning. they're being asked questions like this case is not tied to the oscar grant grant case. can you separate the two? about 20 feet away from a pool of about 32 potential jurors this morning in a federal civil rights case brought by kenneth caruthers, who says he was roughed up by mehserle.
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seeking damages against mehserle and four other offib.a.r.t. officers, saying he was hog tied. the defense says that's not true. his feet were restrained only after he attacked an officer. he is serving a two-year sentence for the shooting of unarmed passenger oscar grant, setting off a number of b.a.r.t. police reforms. attorneys tell us the trial is expected to last five days. at least six potential jurors were excused while i was sitting in the court, most for hardship reasons. while the judge questioned others about whether they had any other opinions about mehserle and the oscar grant case, most of them said no and were told that opening statements could begin as early as tomorrow. reporting live in san francisco, i'm christie smith. jon and marla, back to you. >> christie, thank you. u.c. davis, police chief is
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now on leave. and calls for his resignation. >> officers using pepper spray on a crowd of peaceful protesters. nbc bay area joins us now. >> reporter: all the victims pretty much begging the question, who's next, if anyone, in the fallout over this incident. it all stems from friday, where campus police used pepper spray on students who were peacefully protesting on campus. it was revealed early this morning. the university has now placed campus police chief on administrative leave. she joins two other police officers who were previously put on leave this weekend. the chancellor has asked that they investigate the use of force by campus police officers. and the heat is also growing on the u.c. davis chancellor. one of the students
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demonstrations have started calling on her to resign. that petition drive has already, as of this morning, garnered more than 50,000 hits. students say it is clear. >> personally, i believe that we need to have strong leadership at u.c. davis and she has failed that. >> reporter: meanwhile, the chancellor who, again, has gotten calls to resign from students and from some faculty memories here is expected to meet with students at noon. it will be interesting to see how she is reacting for calls for her to resign. >> right now, we are following breaking news. this is happening in southern california. you're looking at chp officers, having pulled over two suspects, apparently in a stolen park ranger. this is happening on i-5 in
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castaic, perhaps near magic mountain, in that area. chp officers pursuing two suspects and apparently a stolen park ranger. you can see officers approaching the ranger's car right now. we'll continue to follow this breaking news and bring you the latest as soon as we get more information. in other news now this morning, for the first time in months, there are no tents occupying parks in downtown oakland. early this morning, police cleared out snow park near city hall, taking down about a dozen tents quickly and peacefully. we're told a few campers stayed put on the sidewalk near the park while city crews cleaned up debris and garbage left behind. occupy oakland may be down, but it's certainly not out. p protesters are working on another plan to strike at all west coast ports. we have video this month. occupy oakland says westport shutdown is expected to happen monday, december 12th.
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here is the plan, to disrupture operations on a very large scale. they say the strike is in response to coordinated attacks on the -- and workers across the nation. early morning struggle with police, police say 23-year-old jesus morofsco shot the officer at la oficino. they spot him trying to speed away in his car. when officeers got closer, they spotted a gun between the suspect's legs and officers grabbed him to keep him from picking up the gun and he fought back and at one point allegedly tried to grab an officer's weapon. he is now behind bars, accused of attempted murder and battery against a police officer. the man accused of shooting and killing a veteran vallejo
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police officer will face charges in court. henry albert smith jr. of fairfield will face charges in the killing as well as a bank robbery. accused of killing officer jim capoot thursday during a pursuit, following a bank robbery. last night, hundreds of people gathering to remember the father of five. close friends and family as well as many high school students and others attending this vigil because they say the officer always went above and beyond the call of duty. the marine and chp officer was vallejo's police officer of the year back in 2000. his funeral will be held on november 30th. this morning, three men are being called heroes, after risking their lives to pull a san francisco driver out of his car just seconds before it exploded. the rescue crews tell us the driver rammed into a light post on folsom near 12th street. three men saw the crash and ran to get him out despite gas
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leaking from the car. the men finally used a street sign to break open the car w window. they pulled the man from the car before it burst into flames. you can see more of it video right now on our website. live video in a police pursuit right there on california highway patrol, they apparently caught up with a stolen park ranger vehicle that was southbound on the golden state 5 freeway in castaic, california, right now. police officer's car, the california highway patrol surrounding that. it looks like they may have somebody in their -- i guess right now it looks like they've taken somebody from the car and apparently, possibly making an arrest right now. >> we are getting word that one person is in custody at this point. >> we'll keep you posted on that, as we see the california highway patrol taking care of business out there.
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interesting. >> that's the grapevine, too, busy, busy thoroughfare. ifatou're headed down that way, we have really thick fog. fog is not> in the bay area th morning, though. we have some clear skies for the most part. that will be the case today and tomorrow and then everything changes yet again. we've got more rain on the way. 53 in livermore. 54 in hayward, 57 in sunnyvale. cool mix of sun and clouds. tomorrow is warmer. wednesday, that widespread rain moves in. take a look at what we're workinwith. very, very potent front on the way. how much of that front will maintain its organization and make its way to your house. of course, we'll talk about what you can expect for turkey day. ta es not going to be a total washout. we do have showers but a forecast we can be thankful for. >> thank you very much. still ahead, streets have become battlegrounds in cairo. >> the death toll rises as protesters clash with police. a failure by a blue ribbon
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committee in washington means stocks are trading low. huge deal in pharmaceuticals, coming up. some linked in employees are now more than a half billion dollars richer. we'll talk to some of the businesses who are hoping some of that cash trickles up. rk
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live look as we come back from break here. breaking news in castaic, california, on i-5. chp officers apparently were chasing this vehicle of a stolen park ranger vehicle and they've pulled the driver from the car. you can see him being lifted on to the stretcher right now. it looks like some blood on him. we do not know the circumstances on this. we'll bring you the latest, coming up. more blood shed on the streets of cairo as young activists continue to clash with
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police. at least 24 people have died in the last three days as young protesters take to tahrir square. the country is getting ready to have the first election since hosni mubarak was pushed out of power this year. the first part of the president's $447 billion jobs plan to be approved. also in washington, the biggest debate before the so-called budget super committee is who gets the honor of announcing that their efforts have failed? tech reporter scott mcgrew has the latest. technically, the super committee hasn't failed yet, but they are close. if this blue ribbon panel fails to reach an agreement to get the
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financial house in order, all kinds of bad things happen, including massive, massive cuts to the military. the group was supposed to find $1.2 trillion it could save over ten years. the penalty for not finding a solution is the same amount of money, has to be cut from the budget automatically. it's supposed to be like a doomsday device. you wouldn't really use it. it was supposed to motivate the committee into action, but it did not. other news, pharmaset in princeton, new jersey, is work ing on drugs to fight hepatitis c. i was not familiar with this company but if you do own shares, foster guilliet will pay you 86% more than you would have gotten if you sold it on the open market friday. so, you are totally buying lunch. the first days of selling of linked in. enough time has gone by since this that some of the restrictions against employee
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stock sales have been lifted. put another way, in mountain view, a lot of people who are now just plain rich. their boss says everyone will show up to work, business as usual. the company continues to focus on work at hand. while they're there's certainly stuff going on, on the market, it's very much a heads down kind of culture here. >> linked in shares are lower this morning. to be fair, lots of shares are suddenly lower on the markets. broader markets trading much, much lower this morning. back to you. >> thank you very much, scott. kind of like hitting the lottery for some people, but you don't have to buy a ticket. linked in employees can start selling those stocks. >> bay area luxury retailers are more than happy to help them spend that money. >> i bet they are. >> bob redell is at a porsche
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dealership, where they're expecting an increase in sales. did they get my order? >> reporter: i'm more than happy to help them spend that money. now that employees have cashed in over half a billion dollars worth of shares, this happening recently, experts expect some of that money will start trickling in to high-end luxury businesses like porsche. even without that activity, they've been seeing a lot more activity from people in the tech industry, mainly those who have sold their companies or are heavily invested in stock that is have gone public. four porsche's to employees who work for apple. to give you comparison, in the doom of gloom of '08 and '09, they would have somewhere around 60 cars in the lot. now it's somewhere in the 20s. the general manager sees business picking up now, that
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10 100-day lockup period is coming to an end for employees of linked in. >> six months is almost over. we're getting really excited about that. >> reporter: big smile on why your face. >> whenever we're selling cars, we're excited. >> reporter: linked in went public in may. right now, it's selling for around $71 -- i take that back. it's probably down this morning. when employees sold 7 1/2 million shares recently they sold them at $71 a share, coming out to over $500 million. another luxury auto dealer opened a location in palo alto in participation of what they see growth in that area. in the south bay, another dealer says they're feeling more confident now. listing mansions for $3 to $10 million in that range, because they're more confident with the influx of cash that those will sell. then zenga, yelp and facebook,
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internet companies, dot coms who are all talking about ipo'ing soon. you're seeing another phase where you could be seeing the minting of more internet millionaires here in silicon valley, like we did about ten years ago. jon, marla? >> a whole lot of internet is floating around. >> indeed. time to check in on our billion dollar forecast. >> kind of. >> meteorologist christina loren is here to tell us about it. it's always priceless what she tells us. >> we're paying you in dividends, in sunshine. rain comes back late wednesday into thursday. san francisco getting some sunshine. had a lot of fog earlier. that's clearing out quickly. we have a lot of fog to report down to the central valley. let's get right to it this morning. temperatures on the cool side at the coast, but downright mild in places like san jose. you'll hit 60 today, 61 0 in
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livermore. central valley, dense fog advisory is in place. high pressure compresses that moisture. we lose visibility. here in the bay area, not too bad. we're expecting a little more fog tomorrow morning. high pressure is in control of the weather pattern for the next 48 hours. patchy a.m. fog. inland. upper 50s, couple of low 60s in places like oakland as we head through your tuesday. sunny afternoon. then this arrives. let me time out our next system. you can see, this is a very juicy system. yellows and oranges indicating moderate and heavy rain on the way at 7:00 pm. front arrives on the north bay. they'll start to get their first heavy downpour. that front continues into the south bay along the peninsula and even starts pushing into the east bay by 10:00 pm. the good news about this is that
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people have reached their destination at 10:00 pm and rainfall will come down as you're sleeping. thanksgiving day looks pretty good. few showers early. nothing heavy. 57 degrees ndinla. 52 atin coast. and then friday, black friday, a lot of people are lining out in the elements and will beay stayg cool, bu dealing with the rain showers at tha t time. and walmart, 24 hours, no line there. >> always good to know. thank you very much. jon, you played football for nebraska. >> long time ago when they wore leather helmets. >> i've heard that joke one too many times. are you feeling confident about your ice skating ability? >> not at all. i make a good football player, not ice skater. downtown ice in san jose, and the only reason i'm feeling remotely confident is i'm going to be skating next to someone who is really, really good. >> knows what she's doing. >> chrkristi yamaguchi.
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she will show both me and laura garcia-cannon how to do the thing on the ice rink tonight. jeff ranieri will be there to join us. come on out and check it out. laura promises she'll be doing a few of those -- what is that? >> pirouettes. >> triple axels, whatever it's called. we hear from the penn state board in charge of investigating the sex abuse scandal on campus. we'll tell you about the new target honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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the first priority is commissioning an independent investigation of the allegations. the trustees say the investigation won't just target the football program but will include every administrator and employee on campus. >> the board of trustees is intent on taking all steps necessary to ensure that our institution never again has to ask whether it did the right thing or whether or not it could or should have done more. >> the special committee was announced just days after word came out that former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky was charged with sexually abusing eight young boys over 15 years. sandusky says he's innocent. we're learning more about the so-called lone wolf jihadist with a plan to bomb buildings right here in the u.s. jose pimento is under arrest in
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new york city. he once considered changing his name to osama hussein, to honor two special men to him, osama bin laden and saddam hussein. police found casings for homemade bombs. a check of your forecast with christina loren. judging by the look of things right now in san francisco this morning should be clear, but expect chilly temps out there. plus, santan iskhis iv i s, making mrs. claus blush.
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couple of dry days before the rain returns, late wednesday into thursday. tracking that storm tomorrow. back to you. santa con is a yearly event where people dress up head to
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toe like kris kringle. >> thanks for being with us. have a great day. ♪
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